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.:SE:. Vannon, Revanant Pilot by Greg-M
.:SE:. Vannon, Revanant Pilot
Name: Vannon
Age: 27 Years
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Ship: Revanant
Designation: Artillery
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: Junior Lieutenant

Vannon is a very steady pilot who is always in charge of the situation. He can handle extreme situations when needed and has no trouble in finding and executing the proper course of action to resolve them.
Always up for a good time he is not afraid to let loose and start a party. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a night on his little ship where there wasnt a party going on. A great chef and host Vannon always makes sure theres plenty of good food and drink for his crew to enjoy. A lot of Vannons Personal profits have gone towards purchasing many books, manuals, maps, and recipes. While gold and other physical wealth is wonderful he understands that the two most important resources in the world are TIME and KNOWLEDGE. Most of his free time is spent reading or practicing all of the different skills he has picked up over the years, which are varied and all have their own unique importance.

Vannon is very old fashioned when it comes to his beliefs. He shows the utmost respect to all peoples, beliefs, orientations, races, and opinions until someone does or says something to lose that respect. This is especially relevant when it comes to the opposite sex. He may have spent most of his life in the more seedy parts of society where most brutish bar goers pinch bottoms, catcall, and disrespect women, but i can tell you most of that time was spent knocking sense into these drunkards. He is a sucker for a beautiful woman and has had many himself, though none were exactly a right fit. If he is in a committed relationship he will be absolutely loyal and honest but that doesnt stop him from enjoying the company of those who seek his attention when he is single. Being very open minded he probably would not be against testing the waters on the other side and shooting for a man if he ever found one worth his time.

Vannons history is rather complicated but one thing is for sure, he was BORN to be a space farer. His mother and father owned and ran a small shop in one of the many space ports inside the Union so he was exposed to the wild, the new, and the exotic on a daily basis. Strange alien races bringing sometimes unkown objects or technologies to the counter for the universal credits needed to barter passage on the various ships that visited their small port. It was often a fun nightly past time, sitting and tinkering with these new devices to find their purpose and he became quite adept at it. His schooling was the same as any of the other children his age but it was obvious that he was advanced for his class. He was always seeking new information and harbored an extreme curiosity for anything outside of his little home planet. When he was old enough he enlisted with the local Union ship and left his home to travel the stars.

Vannon served for a total of eight years with the Union, visiting far off planets and sating his hunger for new things. He explored deep jungles, infernal deserts, and freezing wastes, all the time learning new things wherever he went. He became fluent in any language he came across and though he wasnt very strong, his quick mind allowed him to escape most sticky situations unscathed. It wasnt until he was 24 that he finally came across something that would put a stop to his momentous advance through space. He was on one of the back worlds of a remote star system when the pod he had piloted down to the surface was hit by a great stone as a steam vent from the planets surface exploded. He survived the crash, but sustained a serious injury. His left eye was slashed by some shrapnel in the wreck and had to be removed. It was this injury that led to his release from duty as he declined a cybernetic implant.

Though he had lost his eye he had not lost his hunger for adventure. He floated around the small ports of the star system of his birth for about a year before he came into contact with a member of the Revanant crew who told him about a mysterious wormhole that had just been discovered. Vannon quickly persuaded the man to take him back to his ship where he joined their expedition out to the Stellar Edge. Always up for the unkown and with his many skills, languages, and experiences he was allowed to pilot one of the ships smaller exploratory crafts with a makeshift crew of his fellow Revanant friends.

Relationships: None yet, once my friends get in we will start adding cool people to this list.

RP Preference: i prefer skype i guess? and like to have a good little paragraph to work off of for each post. i cant really do one sentence rp's as they just seem bland to me. XP



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